KimBerly Charles

Kimberly Charles began her dancing journey at the age of 7, working her way through tap and jazz to eventually discovering her love of salsa at the age of 12. At the age of 12, Kimberly saw a showcase at Terrace Club performed by a group from Latin Moves, and decided that dance was her passion in life. 

Kimberly was mentored by April Genovese, who would motivate Kimberly to continue to dance for the next twenty years. She danced with groups including Sange Nueva and along side people like Candy Mena.

Kimberly Charles came in second at Salsa Summit/ Connecticut in 2017, her first salsa competition, competing in intermediate advanced and advanced salsa. At Salsa Summit / Connecticut in 2018 Kimberly would win first place for both divisions, which Kimberly feels is one of her greatest accomplishments. In Florida at the World Salsa Summit in 2019, she won second place for intermediate advance salsa and third place for advanced salsa.

Kimberly’s dance team, The Latin Moves Bombshells, is training and performing her choreography, and Kimberly teaches both adults and children in addition to volunteering her time for local nonprofits like Curtain Call.

Kimberly is dedicated to empowering young dancers and motivating hem to be their best to their abilities inside and out of the dance studio. Because of this dedication to the youth of her community, she was nominated and honored for 100 Women of Color, for her ability to turn her dream into a reality with her young ladies.