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Bob Blank

Bob Blank is a recent addition to the staff at Latin Moves Dance Studio in Stamford, but he has been teaching students in the area for the last twelve years - and one of his students won a regional competition for the ‘real’ Dancing With The Stars’ doing Ch Cha with Bob.

A competitive dancer with his long time partner Martha Estevez, Bob has danced worldwide and across the US. Bob and Martha are 3x US Champions, represented the US in Spain in 2011 and won the S3 World Latin Championships in 2014, held in Paris, France.  Bob was a featured dancer in the feature film “Stepford Wives” starring Nicole Kidman and Christopher Walken, and Bob and Martha were featured dancers in the prizewinning feature short “Serena’s Song” starring Michael O’Keefe and Margot Kidder.

Total years Dancing: 20

Most memorable Dance Moment: Winning Latin world Championships in 2014, dancing on the movie the “Stepford Wives”

Fun Fact: Was a principle dancer dancer on the movie the “Stepford Wives”

Quote: “I find that dance not only satisfies my creative side but also feeds my passion for learning - in addition to helping people discover and enjoy dance, I am also continually ’in class’ with my partner as we train and evolve.  While I have some students who are with me for only a short time, I also have students I have been teaching for many years, and watching their growth and their satisfaction increase is extremely rewarding and satisfying.”